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May 2015


27th - Ruthrieston West Church, Aberdeen

Featured soloist

Summer Concert with the Morven Singers


June 2015 


28th - Aberdeen Music Hall

Aberdeen Chamber Orchestra 


29th - Tullos Playing Fields, Aberdeen

Big Noise Torry Official Launch Concert


July 2015


10th-11th - Xanten, Germany

Deutsche Filharmonie Bonn


19th-29th - France

Vilalte Music Festival


August 2015


15th-24th - Tröllhattan, Sweden

Aurora Festival


September 2015


7th - Düsseldorf, Germany

Deutsche Philharmonie Bonn


23rd - Nürburg, Germany

Deutsche Philharmonie Bonn


October 2015


17th - Delft, Netherlands

Launch of Groupmuse in the Netherlands!



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